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The Problem


Although there are hundreds of outdoor rated speakers on the market, they all rely on an audio source that's typically located indoors. This requires complicated installation procedures such as drilling holes in your house, running wires from the speakers through exterior insulation filled walls and often, fighting to get them through multiple walls before finally reaching the source.


In most cases, even once this daunting task is complete you will still have no control over your source unit from the outdoor location.


While a few higher end systems do offer optional volume and control modules, they're ultra-expensive, limited in functionality and because they are wall mounted, you'll have to leave that comfortable spot you're in to make any desired adjustments.


This traditional method is practically out-of-the-question for areas such as boat docks, tennis courts and other similar areas that are separated from the main residence by quite a distance.


Before the introduction of DeckTunes, the only alternative was to carry a small radio or "boom box" back and forth which can be a hassle, especially considering that the sound produced from such a device is of moderate quality, very localized and that leaving it exposed to the elements will quickly ruin it.


The Solution


After hearing numerous complaints from frustrated music lovers like yourself, the founders of Outdoor Audio set out to develop a solution and as a result, you can finally locate your outdoor audio source outside where it belongs!




DeckTunes is the first self contained, 100% weatherproof audio source intended to be permanently mounted and left outdoors year round1 and it was created by audio enthusiasts who love their tunes and understand that everything goes better with music!


In 2006, we were determined to build a complete outdoor audio system that could easily be installed without relying on any inside audio systems and could be left outdoors whatever the weather. Our goal was to eliminate the “hassle factor” involved with permanent outdoor audio installation and the inconvenience of not having localized control over the music source. Eight months, many late nights and a ton of fun later, we developed DeckTunes.


Several years and lots of happy customers later, we improved upon the concept by redesigning DeckTunes in 2010 and we incorporated many of the most frequently requested enhancements. Our customers spoke...we listened and delivered!


Feature Rich


Our DeckTunes units feature a high powered 4 channel head unit; internal UL® listed watertight power supply; AM/FM stereo receiver; iPod®, iPhone®, USB and MP3 player connectivity; 1GB of on-board flash memory for digital media storage & playback; Sirius satellite radio receiver; waterproof media player storage drawer; internal power amplified antenna; standard 12 volt receptacle for charging portable media devices and includes a remote control that operates via radio frequency and is also waterproof and actually floats for easy access in a pool or hot tub.




All DeckTunes electrical components are isolated from the consumer by a UL® Listed fiberglass enclosure and further protection is provided by the enclosed UL® listed waterproof power supply and multiple protection circuits.


When used in conjunction with a GFCI outlet, DeckTunes is safe for use just about anywhere the sun shines or rain falls.




Don't care for the song that just started to play, change it. Incoming phone call you need to take, mute it. Volume not to your liking, adjust it. Want a change of pace, choose a different station or plug in your MP3 Player.


With DeckTunes nearby, all of this control is within easy reach and most of it can be accomplished from the comfort of your chair, hot tub or pool by using the included remote!



1 See Specifications for acceptable temperature ranges.






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